Crimson Ranch Suri Alpacas

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Welcome to Crimson Ranch Suri Alpacas

Suri Alpaca Farm in South Texas

We find great joy and serenity in caring for our alpacas. Being personally responsible for the well being of each animal that lives on our farm, we know their individual personalities, likes and dislikes. I hand shear my alpacas yearly which develops trust in our relationship.

Welcome to Crimson Ranch, home of Suri alpacas. Our ranch is located in Seguin, Texas. We are centrally located, being less than 60 minutes away from both San Antonio and Austin Texas. Just 15 minutes from New Braunfels, Texas.
Our ranch is the perfect peaceful and fun place to stay if you are vacationing or just want a unique place to stay for the weekend. This spring we are looking forward to the delivery of our container home which will provide a unique and interesting experience for a weekend getaway. You will learn all about alpacas as you mingling with them.

We will also have a retail alpaca store located on the property. It will be open by appointment. You will find all kinds of awesome items made from alpaca so you may experience the beautiful, sustainable products alpacas provide for our enjoyment.

Alpacas are extraordinary animals. They are certainly the cutest of the Camelidae family. They are very intelligent and gentle with an air of serenity; each with their own personality. Often shy, curious, quiet, and affectionate, Alpacas are also gregarious and at times surprisingly stubborn. These animals communicate with soft humming sounds. They do spit! Usually at each other when quibbling over food. However, if you are in the way, you may be spat upon.