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Did you know alpacas are considered one of the greenest animals on earth?  They environmentally have a light footprint.  

Alpacas are kind to the earth, they do not decimate the natural vegetation.  They graze mostly on native grasses, sometimes eating leaves, bark or stems.  Alpacas also eat a lot less in comparison to other mammals their size.  One can keep far more alpacas on the same amount of land than sheep or cows.  

These amazing animals have soft padded feet that are gentle on the terrain and they graze without destroying the root systems.  

Alpacas provide humans with the most amazing fiber.  It is actually warmer than wool.  Many people who are sensitive to wool find they can wear alpaca fiber without feeling irritation.  

There are 23 recognized natural colors which accept both natural land based and acid dyes.  

The advantages of alpaca fleece over synthetic fiber are:

  • won’t mat or pill
  • naturally waterproof
  • low static electricity
  • breathability
  • wicks moisture away from the body
  • warm when wet
  • naturally flame resistant, won’t melt
  • stain resistant
  • all natural and biodegradable

Alpaca fiber products are an affordable eco-friendly luxury that all can enjoy and afford.

Thursday, October 14, 2021